Paddlefest & Winterfest

Paddlefest at this stage there are no Paddle or Winterfest days organised

2018 was our 12th Paddlefest!

Paddlefest has involved around 500 people, in kayaks, stand up paddle boards, dragon boats and outriggers. We welcome teams of friends and business teams. More recently, Paddlefest has included Cub Scouts from the Hunter and Coastal Region, building and paddling amazing craft. Over $150,000 has been raised for our local community. Registering for any Kayak or SUP event includes registration for the Outriggers and Dragon boats have a go at other types of paddling. In 2018, we are keen to introduce new participants to the fun of Paddlefest. 

Visit our website for entry details:

For the WINTER Paddlefest site:

click here

Winterfest was held on August 7th and was a great morning of water activities on the foreshore of Toronto. There were 70 plus Kayakers, SUPs and Outriggers on the water. Check for the full report to be posted shortly.

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